Sticker Anti Radiation Shield Protector

Quanta Anti Radiation Sticker Protection Shield

Rp 25.000

Weight : 0.01 Kg

What is radiation?
Radiation is energy (positive / negative) that travels through space in the form of waves or particles. This happens naturally and always happens around us. Radiation (positive) such as natural light from solar energy and radiation (negative) such as electromagnetic waves from transmission towers (BTS) and antennas found on cell phones.

BETWEEN WHO - Cellphone Radiation and Brain Cancer
WHO (World Health Organization) and scientists have issued official and scientific statements that radiation from cell phones (cellphones) can cause brain cancer. The experts put the phone in the category of objects that have risks to health, together with pesticides, DdT, exhaust, gasoline, and cigarettes. From the initial research there is evidence that mobile radiation can trigger two types of brain cancer. According to the Associated Press (AP) news agency, the findings were announced Tuesday, May 31, 2011 in Lyon, France.

How do anti-radiation stickers work?
1. This anti-radiation sticker contains 78 kinds of crystals that produce BIO ENERGY that can neutralize electromagnetic waves that are usually found in electronic devices such as: HANDPHONE, TELEVISION, LAPTOP, MICROWAVE, etc.
2. BIO ENERGY is natural energy that can produce NATURAL ENERGY of> 2000 cp2m (can be measured / seen by a test tool) which functions to neutralize electromagnetic waves.
3. BIO ENERGY is contained in this label which works to unravel and neutralize radiation produced by electronic devices such as: HANDPHONE, TELEVISION, LAPTOP, MICROWAVE, etc.

How to use anti-radiation stickers
To get maximum results, use 2 stickers
first stick on the inner casing lid
second stick on the HP battery (functions as a battery preservative)