About Quanta

What is Quanta Bioenergy Pendant?

Quanta Pendant is a Bio Energy Pendant or also known as an energy health necklace that emits energy that provides the main benefits to help maintain health and healing from diseases as well as various positive benefits that are useful for the human body such as improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen in the blood, reducing inflammation, the healing process of cramps, migraines, vertigo, prevent heart disease, etc.

Why use Quanta Pendant?

The Quanta Pendant is made through in-depth research using natural minerals from volcanoes and other materials and then processed with nanotechnology so that the Quantai Pendant can radiate energy that is beneficial to health and the healing process of disease and many other positive benefits.

What are the Benefits of Quanta Pendant?

There are so many benefits that you get when you use the Quanta Pendant, including your body will become fresher, this is because this pendant emits energy and anions that help accelerate blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen in the blood.

Help the healing process of diseases such as migraine, vertigo, cramps, heart disease, liver, kidney, lungs even some testimonials stated that pendant with high energy will provide positive benefits in healing critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, etc. Helps slow the process of premature aging or functions as an anti-aging, because the energy emission owned by Quanta has the potential to help the body in the process of cell regeneration.

Helps ward off negative energy from outside that is supernatural, this is because the energy emanating from the Quanta Pendant is large enough to make an energy blanket.

What are the ingredients in Quanta Pendant?

Quanta Pendant is made from a mixture of 220 types of minerals and 100% natural in the manufacturing process with Nano technology system which is the highest technology standard in Korea and is heated to more than 1,600 ° C and then allowed to cool slowly so that it reacts with mineral materials and emits energy, FIR and anions (negative ions) that are beneficial to the human body.

How to order a Quanta Pendant?

You only need to order via the Shop menu or by calling our customer care number in the lower right corner.